Cant invest the full amount of free funds to buy nasdaq

i want to buy the Nasdaq but i can’t buy a full share because it won’t let me use the full £538 i put in to the app to do it. can this be fixed

Is it because of the 95% limit?

As @Alien mentioned, you can invest a maximum of 95% of your free funds with one order. The 5% is a security buffer which is important mainly for the market orders. Thus, the platform increases the chances for your order to get filled in case the price changes against you during the time you create the order and its actual fill.

This explanation applies to equity accounts only.

Am I wrong that I get the same error message even if making LIMIT orders ?

The restriction applies to limit orders as well. We are aware of that fact, and we will amend it. Unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA.

Thanks for your reply :+1::slightly_smiling_face: