Can't set limit on SETSqx order

Currently, all trades for WCAT are off-book via MMs and none seem to be available via DMA. I understand this and happy to wait until they can execute a trade via DMA, if at all.

However, I want to put in an order in the off chance I can buy them at some point, but I am not wanting to do this without a limit set. Unfortunately, no matter what limit I try to set, even if this is the current market price, I cannot confirm the order. “The price entered is to far from the order”.

The order is well over £100 and is a GTC. Maybe it’s just not had a limit set on the ticker as it’s fairly new? Might be one for @David as I have seen you reply to similar issues? (sorry for the @ if it’s not meant to be done!)


Or maybe @Rumen can help adjust the limit


Just bumping this a bit, would rather buy this via my T212 ISA if possible instead of another account.

Thanks! @Team212