CFD - HODL / Browser / CFD practise acc / Closed position by broker

hello sorry for my english…
id like get some info about these topics

1. HODL:

1.1 how long can u hold open position on T212 CFD?
1.2 T212 doesnt allow scalping … but someone from T212 said that u can
make some trades that take less than 5min because ,they check avg. hold
time from your last 100 trades, so for example u can make 1 swing trade with
min position 6hr+ and 50 scalp trades during 1 day and still be in that avg
hold time 5min+

2. Browser:
What is most compatible browser for your broker here? id like to know bcs
currently i am using opera gx and it is slow ( values dont refresh accordingly
with volatility or values refresh slower and worst values will freeze: profit/loss, ticker volume… or if u open 2 posisions on 1 instrument and u got stopped out on 1 position your website will freeze and it will look like u still have 2 open positions :smiley: so ure forced to manually hit refresh website button) I hope it is caused by web browser
incompatibility and not by developers :slight_smile: . My internet connection is decent
1ms/dwn200mbps/up200mbps through ethernet cable.

3.CFD practise Account:

3.1Is CFD practise account 100% reflecting values with real CFD? id like to know if FEES are added like on real CFD acc.
3.2 CFD fees: fx fee 0.5%/night (holding while market is closed) fee
only or is here spread fee or something like that.

4. Closed position by broker:

I know that if u lose % amount of your account broker automatically will initiate , close all open positions , on your account but i heard some rumors that T212 is closing open position that are opened for a long time/are in profit or freezing accounts that are profitable ex. if their profit is XY times higher than their deposit value. Tell me please if it is fake or it was real.

thanks for info and GL with trading/investing

  1. You can hold your position open as much as you’d like. Just indeed be careful not to break ToS by scalping.

  2. Chrome will have the superior JS engine, at the cost of hogging RAM, but I am unsure you would have a much greater experience. Try it, but it may be a lost cause. Maybe use external tools for analysis, such as TradingView, and only use T212 for placing trades.

  3. As far as i know, the practice account is identical to the real account. CFD fees are baked in the spread, and margin fees are charged nightly.

  4. I personally haven’t heard any of the sort. Can’t give much guidance here; the only legitimate reason for a forcedly closed trade by T212 is if your position that they hedge ends up breaking their own risk management policy. I would say the rest is rumours, but don’t hesitate to dig in more and post your findings, if any.

Back to 1., please note that the margin fees are rather expensive, and holding a position for extended period of time is not really a good idea.


thank you for comment

Did u or someone else experienced similar issues that are in point 2. chart values/position freeze

tested it again on practice CFD: 2 open positions on 1 instrument … 1 position hit TakeProfit 2nd position still going but chart refuse to refresh and i see 2 open position :smiley: … and again im forced to hit web browser ,refresh button,