CFD Position automatically closed without the share hitting the price - ✅ Solved

@Hazmark1 It’s normal that all positions are affected since the cash balance of your account is negatively affected - we’re very sorry about that. Unfortunately, we can’t reopen closed positions.

Cash-wise, everything’s sorted out. As reiterated time & time again, no one we’ll be left footing the bill, that we can guarantee.



Can I suggest putting a tweet or something somewhere where people can see and be reassured or send a generic email informing them so people can stop panicking!

Back to being happy!

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“…this in-depth look excludes any potential profit opportunities.”

I’m interested to know what this means exactly. I closed a position which should have been 350 profit, but closed as minus 550. Of course I expect a refund of the 550 and understand and appreciate everyone at T212 is working hard behind the scenes. I also don’t expect my position to be reopened, though I would expect I am also reimbursed at the correct price the stock was at at my time of closure, i.e. my profit.

Can anybody confirm this will occur? @David

@obrienciaran Yes, your profit of 350 would also be reimbursed. Taking it away wouldn’t be fair, not by a long shot.


Great reply :+1: glad to hear this :ear:

Nice one David, I appreciate the help.

I feel like I’m being left out here… why was Hazmark1 case sorted before mine? Is it due to the fact that he brought up FCA that’s why he is being served first? My [reference ID # 38730] still has yet been served not even a “Hi we are looking into this matter, kindly give us a few days to work on this” email from any of the support team, talk about professionalism. Shouldn’t loss of income from your customer be considered a top priority???


I’m in the same boat but stepping back and reading between the lines I’m reassured I’ll get seen to at some stage

Hi. Can you please check what’s happening with my case 38614. Thanks

Plz can u check what’s going on with case 38408 bcz I haven’t received txt bk yet from them

Same here I’m gonna wait for another day if not answere from I’m gonna tell FCA

Guys you need to be patient. If you have raised a support ticket they will get back to you. All this “I’m running to the FCA nonsense” won’t speed things up.

If you read the threads you can clearly see they are working through all the cases and it will be sorted.


So shall I keep texting them

If you have raised a support ticket give them some time to deal with your query.

They gave me 2 tickets 1st was 9th June and 2nd toda

That’s good, so they are dealing with it. Be patient :grin:

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OK thanks cheers buddy

You’re welcome. I know when it comes to money you’ll want to get things sorted and the team will get back to you in time :+1:


I’m one of the 1st users to report this and still waiting for things to get sorted. Be patient - this must be a complete nightmare to manage and using threatening language is not going to increase your place in the line :ear:


I’ve only received 1 reimbursement in the cash section. Where are the reimbursements for the other 3 spikes?

I get the feeling that anyone who didn’t log a ticket would be seriously out of pocket. That Trading212 isn’t actively looking at each spike for each account