Chesapeake Energy Corporation

I’ll tell you what, whoever got in at $0.20 a share before it skyrocketed up to $69 a share would have been a very wealthy human. So much for the news of bankruptcy, while I don’t think it’s been ruled out, there’s still surprises to be had.

Don’t suppose anyone was on the receiving end of this great fortune? :clap: I hope you’re spending the majority of it on things for you!

There was some reverse stock split which is why it went up 10,000%. So I don’t think you would have gotten that rich. However from $16 to $63 was real, would have been good to get in on that.


It seems quite quick so I guess most people did not sell

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I got 100 of these at the start of the year - however it was on my practice account and I never added them to my real account :man_facepalming:

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Ahh yeah, that’d make sense. Didn’t show up in my Google unfortunately.