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How to create a community category?

Hello :wave:

For the time being, users cannot create communities here or on our in-app Socials platform. Let me know if you have any suggestions, and I’ll pass them on to the team :v:

Hi @Momchil.G is there any way we could make suggestions for new community categories on mobile or a vote to see what new categories users would like?

I’m interested in a new category for Celsius Holdings, Inc (CELH).

Hey, @Unknownuser :wave:

You can provide your suggestions in this thread or you can create a poll in a new Community topic. We’ll gladly pass your feedback on to the team, and let you know if any of the suggested communities get added.

If any one is interested in new categories for Celsius Holdings, Inc (CELH), please vote below!

While we’re at it, I see a lot of posts about Premier African Minerals (PREM), also vote if interested! :heart: :muscle: :moneybag:

  • Celsius Holdings, Inc (CELH)
  • Premier African Minerals (PREM)
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Sounds like we’re creating echo chambers