Company info not updated - causes issue when browsing by sector

Good Morning Trading212.

I came across an issue with the company info not being updated. I am not sure if that’s something to do with trading212 or whoever supplies this.

Whilst browsing through Material Section of all UK stocks I realised that Emmerson (EML), which is a potash exploration/miner company, is not there.
In the description of Emmerson it states that it is an acquisition company. They have indeed started like this, before switching to become a mineral exploration company around 2 years ago.
Obviously, I only found out because I have shares in that stock.
Is it fair to make an assumption that there could be other “hidden” companies like this, which are not linked to current sectors when browsing?

Keep up the good work

to this!

To be fair, having browsed all UK sectors, I couldn’t find Emmerson anywhere. It is definitely listed on London Stock Exchange, so no point in searching it anywhere but UK.
A bit worried now lol