Company Nukkleus inc

Have a look at Otc Market Ticker symbol NUKK available at Trading 212
interview with the UK COO Jamie Khurshid ( 20 years at wallstreet) Easy to see why this is not a normal OTC ticker. Goes over #NFT, #BTC , #ETH @0xPolygon also talks about the Bitcoin ETF, his position as CEO of a new Nasdaq Spac, and a ton more.


Wow $NUKK is UP 40% since this post ! Good work, I see multiple dollars coming

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$NUKK Chart & DD:
:+1:Penny Stock Exempt
:+1:4.6mil free trading shares
:+1:$17mill assets, $19mill revs 2020
:+1:Runs the software for broker @FXDD
:+1:Owns DigitalRFQ Crypto Exchange
:+1:130+ Insitutional Clients
:+1:UK EMI and Regulatory Licenses
:+1:NFT partnerships with UK Auction Houses

Where are the :-1:t2:s?

Must be some risk factors.

Anyone who bought in on the 22nd of September, is potentially sitting on an unrealised a loss of up to 75%.

Without looking into it much more, looks another pump and dump stock.

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I always feel posts like this is bagholders united.




Nice green candle

NUKK UK Erin Grover in Dubai this week
She’s from UK


You know buy is restricted on this stock at the moment?

I don’t see any restrictions on NUKK

Can you clear up the current situation? @Team212