Corporate Events in January

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The following events were executed on Monday, 17.01.2022 and Tuesday, 18.02.2022:


  • AVI Global Trust PLC (AGT) stock split 5-for-1 was executed.


  • Merchants Bancorp (MBIN) has successfully completed its 3-for-2 stock split.

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We have executed the following events on Wednesday, 19.01.2022 & Thursday, 20.01.2022:


  • SL Green Realty Corporation (SLG) stock dividend was distributed.
  • Gores Metropoulos II, Inc. (GMII) changed its name to Sonder Holdings, Inc. (GMII).
  • Osmotica Pharmaceuticals PLC (OSMT) changed its name to RVL Pharmaceuticals PLC. (OSMT).
  • L&G Longer Dated All Commodities ex-Agriculture and Livestock has been delisted.
  • TR European Growth Trust PLC (ESCT) change its name to The European Smaller Companies (ESCT).


  • Cordiant Digital Infrastructure Class C - shares reclassification.
  • Tencent Holdings LTD announced and completed a spin-off of (CFD).
  • China Telecom Corp Ltd ADR has been delisted.

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The following events were executed on Friday, 21.01.2022:

  • Orbsat Corp (OSAT) changed its name to NextPlat Corp (NXPL).
  • Buzzfeed, Inc. (BZFD) change in listing to Nasdaq GM.

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Good evening @Hris.M


This one’s a little weird @Hris.M ?

Also, any word on how IBKR are choosing to deal with the Tencent / spin off for you? I know US was excluded from the shares alone - but unsure exactly how IBKR is arranged.

Hi, @Scrooge_McCodf

My bad, the change was in the listing to Nasdaq GM. Thanks for the heads-up!:pray:

Regarding the spin-off, we will share further details in the upcoming week.

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Here’s the list of all of the corporate events we’ve completed on Monday, 24.01.2022:

  • HPS Investment Partners LLC acquired Marlin Business Services Corp.
  • SL Green Realty Corporation (SLG) had a 0.9703-for-1 reverse stock split.
  • Charles Stanley Group PLC (CAY) has been acquired.
  • Avita Therapeutics, Inc. changed its name to Avita Medical, Inc. (RCEL).
  • CryoLife, Inc. changed its name to Artivion, Inc. (AORT).
  • Surna, Inc. changed its name to CEA Industries, Inc. (CEAD).
  • Pacific Valley Bank changed its name to Pacific Valley Bankcorp (PVBK).
  • Euro Tech Holdings Co Ltd (CLWT) had a 3-for-2 stock split.
  • OneSmart International Education Group Ltd (ONE) had a 1-for-25 reverse stock split.

Myself and the @Team212 are here for you if you have any questions.

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Here are the corporate events we’ve completed on Tuesday, 25.01.2022:

  • Royal Dutch Shell Plc (Class A & B) changed its name to Shell Plc.
  • Casper Sleep, Inc. has been acquired.
  • Electra Private Equity PLC - changed its name to Unbound Group PLC (UBG).
  • Howard Bancorp, Inc. has been acquired. We’re awaiting further details
  • Sonic Foundry, Inc. (SOFO) uplisting from OTC Markets to NASDAQ CM.

Also, we’ve sent out participation offers regarding the following rights issue event (Open Offer):

  • LXI REIT Plc (LXI).

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Here’s the list of the corporate events, we’ve completed on Wednesday, 26.01.22:

  • Howard Bancorp, Inc. (HBMD) has been acquired by FNB Corp.(FNB).
  • Weidai Ltd ADR (WEI) had a 1-for-5 reverse stock split.
  • Bacanora Lithium plc (BCN) has been acquired.
  • Yellowstone Acquisition changed its name to Sky Harbour Group Corp.
  • CF Acquisition V (CFV) changed its name to Satellogic, Inc.(SATL).
  • CLOUDCALL GROUP PLC suspended for trading on LSE due to upcoming acquisition.

Following the above delisting, Tiziana Life Sciences(TILS) began trading on NASDAQ under the ticker TLSA. As a result of the corporate action, shareholders of the LSE listing have now received shares of the stock traded on NASDAQ with a ratio of 2 LSE shares for 1 NASDAQ.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comments below.


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We completed the following corporate events on Thursday, 27.01.22:

  • ZIOPHARM Oncology changed its name and ticker to Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. (TCRT).
  • Modular Medical (MODD) got uplisted from OTC to NASDAQ.
  • Durational Capital Management LP acquired Casper Sleep, Inc.
  • SME Credit Realisation Fund (SCRF) had a 0.744-for-1 reverse stock split.
  • Napster Group PLC (NAPS) had a 0.0013-for-1 (4-for-3000) reverse stock split.

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Greetings, Community.

Here are the corporate events we’ve completed on Friday, 28.01.22:

  • Trebia Acquisition changed its name & ticker to System1, Inc. (SST).
  • Five Star Senior Living changed its name & ticker to AlerisLife, Inc. (ALR).
  • Sports Entertainment Acquisition changed its name & ticker to Super Group SGHC Ltd (SGHC).

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Hi @B.E and @Hris.M

Any updates on Tencent/ spinoff?

Hey, @investor12321

All affected CFD positions were paid a dividend cash adjustment.
Regarding the Invest account, we offer the OTC variant, which did not perform a spin-off.

The spin-off only affected the CFD instrument traded on Hong Kong. I hope this sheds more light here.

Still, if you have any questions - just let me know. :v:

Hey Hris.

Heres the official filings:

Can Trading 212 take another look at this and clarify we are in fact not eligible for the cash portion?

To me this reads like we’re due cash in March.

Hi, @Scrooge_McCodf.

We are aware of the above as we follow the event closely.

However, we cannot commit to a specific course of action until we are sure that the proceeds will be allocated. Will keep you posted.

That’s fair enough, I understand.

However, might be worth pointing people who ask to the March corporate event though rather then saying nope!


Hey, everyone. :wave:

We have executed the following events on Monday, 31.01.2022:

  • Puxin, ltd. (NEW) had a 1-for-10 reverse stock split.
  • Charles Stanley Group PLC (CAY) has been acquired.
  • Daily Mail & General Trust PLC (DMGT.L) has been acquired.
  • Sumo Group PLC (SUMO) has been acquired.
  • Ponce Financial Group (PDLB) had a stock split in a ratio of 1.3952-for-1.
  • We have sent out the participation offer regarding the upcoming Rights Issue event of Impact Healthcare REIT PLC (IHR).
  • Countryside Properties PLC (CSP) changed its name to Countryside Partnerships PLC (CSP).
  • AMTD International, Inc. ADR - ticker change to AMTD.
  • Shares for the Rights Issue offer from Azure Power Holding (AZRE) Ltd have been distributed.
  • Simplification of Shell class A and class B stock into one stock have been executed.


@Hris.M any updates on the TCEHY spinoff of Some news was to come in March.

We’re still waiting for our intermediary to confirm and execute the event. Once that happens, we’ll distribute the proceeds to all eligible shareholder accounts.

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UPDATE: The TCEHY dividend was just paid out :white_check_mark:

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