Countrywide UK - why so well?

They seem to be flying… Can anyone shed some light on this?

I cannot seem to make sense as to why they are doing so well.

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i can’t say they are the best , or are really flying , the just do their job , and do it well. There are always many people looking to invest so this niche will never die .

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Because increase in people moving to the countryside, all the covid hypochondriacs


A mortgage advisor would give a best answer to your question. Should you be interested further, I also know some good independent professional guys.

I would highly recommend Manchester Mortgages. When me and my boyfriend decided to move to manchester this service was our savior
especially now during quarantine
I can also say that the support team answered all our questions, it saved us a lot of time

I put 10 shares in Countryside Properties and they seem to do pretty well and are stable.

Would say that COVID is the main reason why they are doing well.

Might be worth capitalising on those soon (months), big housing bubble.