Crypto blockchain companies

Lucky kids, wish you and them all the best :slight_smile: !!

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Well I come from a really disadvantaged background so, I know there’s nothing being left to me except maybe debt letters and expenses. Hopefully I can leave my own children something a little sweeter :slight_smile:


I’m debating what to do myself. I might cut back the amount I deposit monthly while waiting for the crash. The other option is just to keep depositing regardless like @Cashurkash said and not try to time the market. Also that’s a very good thing to do for your kids, well done.

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You’re dead right, these prices can’t keep going on.

I’ve had a bit of a rejigger myself and taken some profits for a more balanced portfolio of late.

It is important still to be in the market rather than time it, but that’s just my opinion.

Have a look at the below

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It depends how long your prepared to wait for the crash. A crash similar to last March is very unlikely, but a crash like September where something like Tesla had its worst day is possible as some point this year

How fast will it get back to 42k. The 30 to 36 was pretty quick.

I wouldn’t write a drop like last March either though in terms of percentage fall. American stock prices of late are completely outrageous!

@phildawson I’ll buy in on pure speculation when it sinks to 5k again :wink:

Speculations speculations…

trying to time the BTC market is impossible unless you are a whale and are able to manipulate the exchanges yourself.

Anyone who tries to talk any sense about price is just throwing up a personal opinion.
We need to keep that in mind.

All the posts online about;
-this finance guy predicts btc will het 100k.
-this CEO says BTC is in a bubble.

It’s al a fugazi, its not f*cking real.

No one knows.

Just sit tight, and hodl.

Now, I believe this was a topic about blockchain companies. right?

What do you guys think of THE9 ?

Had a blast trading them last week.

They just landed a major investment to get in the mining business apparently.
However, I am unable to rank up some decent news about them.

Does any of you know more about the recent stock movement and/or if there is any future in this company?

Any ideas for a crypto pie? Has anyone come across one?
I’m thinking miners and their hardware:

Very high debt, especially in uncertain crypto market that’s a nogo for me

Valued around 12$ per share with 350k revenue and no profit last 3 years xDDD ROFL

Last spike was nice to trade, unfortunately missed it. But that stock is nothing to invest in, from my point of view, pump and dump, just like last spike couple of days ago

Convince me otherwise, I am open to it :slight_smile:

I am into hardware tech and into crypto

Tbh I see no reason for exposure in miners, just increases my risk, by buying another asset that may fail

I think I would only buy mining companies if I am missing out on crypto exposure, that would make sense then, only then, imho :slight_smile:

Hi @Elijah thanks for your Reply.

Honastly, I just jumped on the news they landed a 100 mil investment to go into crypto mining and it fell my way. (this is where the debt is coming from)

I’m having a hard time coming up with actual data about how they are going to put that money to work, so it was a long shot. Not much info to find on them.
Hard to do some DD on them so I hoped maybe someone around here knew them a bit better.

I went in at $9 and sold at $15 after the pump. I think i’m just going to be happy with the profit and leave that company alone :slight_smile:

So no convincing, sorry :wink:

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