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Hi guys

I always followed cryptos, did some trading, nothing special as I’m more of an investor long term then short term, and cryptos with their volatility don’t enter the specs of products I keep in my portfolio.

But as for everything there is a time and a place, and in some recent movements in my investments I’m starting to think about including cryptos as a small percentage of my overall portfolio just to see how it will move in the long run.

I’m evaluating standard exchanges like Coinbase which I used years ago and other like Binance for example.

This post tho, I wanted to check with you what are your thoughts on these three fellas: Nexo | Crypto | BlockFi

Considering they offer high interests on cryptos but also on fiat currencies, they have cards that can be used to pay with cryptos you have, Cashback and other features that makes them interesting from a point o view of investing and using cryptos instead of just trading them.

Any opinions, feedback and personal experience are welcome.

I know they have been talked about in other posts sporiadically but I was thinking about having this as a focused post for them and we could also create a comparison table, etc.

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Hi @Francesco
I use Binance (very often) and Coinbase (rarely) and I believe those are two top exchanges. The problem with other unreputed exchanges is that once they go out of business, your (KYC) identity is leaked and it is a complete disaster.

I you wish you get on to the top exchanges then you can also use the following referral like to get discounts. Please do your due diligence, I am just referring to what I am doing. Binance also have lots of offers and other discounts.