DARK MODE on mobile and web


Please update the dark mode for mobile and dekstop version, it’s really tiring to spend so much time on the light mode.

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If you look on mobile in Settings > Theme, you’ll be able to switch it on. Not sure about the web, as I don’t tend to use it.

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Yes, sorry! I had it already on the mobile! :slight_smile:

Dark mode is available on desktop too. Choose it in settings opened by clicking in lower left hand corner of screen.

It’s already out, it’s been out since 1 year !

I wasn’t aware of the option, thanks, so much easier on the eyes!

I use the dark mode on both mobile and desktop but I wish we had a pitch-black option. This one is too greyish

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A question, has dark mode been proven to be better for eyesight? Less eye strain?

Well the biggest culprit in RGB spectrum of colour is Blue, so ideal is to set Blue to 0. Rest is up to you. Best is black/white, white/black.

Also not staring for longer periods, something like every 20 min , you should focus your vision on different object or multiple different objects for 20sec at least.

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