Day Graph looks terrible

It seems there has been an update to the app today and it made the day graph look terrible. It was great before. Now it’s unusable to me. I have to find a different way to get a good day graph incase T212 won’t address this issue.


I usually try not to complain for updates and changes, but for once i’d have to agree.

I get that the invest graph may have been lacking for some people; but let’s face it, I’m not doing TA in my android App before buying stocks. Heck, TA is just so irrelevant to investing.

The old graph was to the point, and carried exactly the amount of information necessary.

At least an option in the settings would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your contribution Zergui. I was hoping more users would back this up. I can’t imagin it’s just us who aren’t pleased with how the day chart looks now. It looks like a drawing made by connecting 10 dots instead of 1000. Which makes the graph flattened out. Im really hoping T212 will fix this or add an option to view the graph like it was before. For the meantime does anyone have a suggestion where i can find a good substitute for this chart? Im looking for a day chart which registers and shows the intricate movements throughout the day as detailed as possible and is updated in realtime.

Is the expanded chart that is now present in the App not suitable? I think it is straight out of TradingView, which would be my recommendation if it weren’t suitable to you.

Ah yes the expanded chart is better. I didn’t feel the need to use that before, but i guess i have to now. Thanks.

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Would you mind posting a screenshot? My view was updated and slightly changed, but it still can be used just like before the update.

Another “update” :tired_face: I preferred when the graph went red or green. Now it’s all blue. Why can’t they leave stuff alone!

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Completely agree with this. This update completely screwed the graph, not only for the day view but for all views honestly. It was really really good before and now I won’t be using the mobile app as much honestly. I wish instead of changing things that no one is complaining about, T212 team would focus on highly requested changes.
For example, on the charting subject, the overall portfolio performance view for “Max” time period is useless since it actually won’t go back to the beginning of the portfolio. IN my case it only goes back to roughly 1 year. Would be nice if T212 woul reverse this update and focus on something like that.


@Tony.V @Bogi.H @B.E Can we have the graph going back to green and red please rather than just blue, so it’s back like it is on the desktop version. I find the blue harder to see and differentiate.

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The not going to red and green (and the greying out of yesterdays graph) is part of the unfortunate update. But the biggest issue for me is the flattened out curve. Not just to see the history of the price development, but also the current (real time) price doesn’t show direction while before it did. It was easy to follow price development by using the day view alone. Now it’s worthless. I can use the expanded graph, but it’s more of a hassle to use and it doesn’t show the day framed in one scope.

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Honestly, I can’t wait to get this update and see what you Karens are all moaning about.
(hope you don’t mind the Reddit attitude :innocent:) I see just the usual graphs on my iPhone.

Man, I’m colour blind, so blue would be the option for me!


I don’t mind it either - but I rarely look at red or green in the app.

Blue should be a feature for you then, even if they do switch it back you should have the option of it.

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Oh man then you’ll feel me here:

Those two bars look IDENTICAL to me.

I do understand that revenue is the column on the left and net income on the right, but damn, guys you could use some more contrasting colours :sweat_smile:

Just like you do for the financing column here:

Can we have someone looking into this please…? It’s not very good for accessibility…


Android has been updated, I don’t mind the graph being more interactive, however, the graph remaining blue is really hard for me to differentiate, I don’t understand the need to change the red/green depending on what timeframe you selected. Surly, it could still have with the more interactive chart but with the red and green lines which would help me.


So the solution is to get an iphone.

I’ll make sure we include a fix for this with our release next week.


Aww that was quick!

Love you guys :heart:

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What about the main topic in this post? Will the changes in the graph be permanent?

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