Deposited Funds Not Showing

Hi, I’ve deposited funds into my account using the app, but the funds are not reflecting. I have sent an email to the info email, without a response.
Please could you advise?

What was your funding method?
When did you make the deposit?
Was it your first deposit using that method?

Deposit using the app.
I’ve deposited before using the same method, with instant availability of the funds.

I’ve read that negative balance protection may not be correctly aligned on my account, resulting in the deposit being absorbed by a past loss?

It is hard for someone to give you answer without private communication(account details). Best course is to continue either via email or someone might reach you via DM here.

Thanks for the response.
I note an Ombudsman process if all else fails.

Received a response to my email ticket - I was notified that a position closed in June was closed with a result in excess of my available funds at the time.
As a retail client, per the contract, positions are to be closed with negative balance protection i.e. a retail client cannot owe money to Trading 212.
Therefore my deposit two months after that position was closed cannot be claimed.
Please could a Trading 212 member of support DM me for resolution of this matter.

@robert8p Corrected, apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you David, appreciate your help.