Did I not get paid dividends?

I own VUSA, Vanguard S&P500 as well as VUKE, Vanguard FTSE 100 but haven’t received my dividend it said was payable on the 24th of June but haven’t heard anything.

When did you buy them?

11th June was the cut off point iirc. If you bought them after this no dividend.

If you bough before dividends can take 3-5 working days to arrive. So should be with you middle of next week.

11 June was the ex-dividend date … If you bought them on or after this date no dividend …

(I bought some of VUKE in a pie on 11 June - am not expecting dividend)

As rate was 0.100577 you would need to have purchased at least 0.099427 fractional share of VUKE on or before 10 June to receive 1p dividend.

Maybe they are a little delayed.
I was expecting VUSA too, nothing arrived yet.

I’ve owned them since the 1st of May so I’ll just wait a few more days and see what happens!

They will be on their way. Im still waiting on my Vanguard dividends for June.

I bought VHYL before the ex dividend date and Im still waiting to see my dividend.

I’m waiting on around 6 Vanguard’s but sure they’ll arrive.

keeping my fingers crossed

I guess each quarter same type of questions.

Patience, if you had stock/etf prior to ex-dividend day, you will get your share sooner or later.