Did you buy the dip? (buying the dip)

That depends on the definition of winning and losing, doesn’t it?

I would say over 5 years funds can outperform the market, as they catch tail winds.

Over 20 years, not so sure most funds beat the market.

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Its basically Buffet vs Burr

Both great investors. Buffet even publicly endorsed funds such as s&p 500 over berkshire at last annual meeting. He gives some very nice examples that back funds
Time horizon: very long, way longer than 20years

According to Burr funds are in bubble but he is more of a short term investor, he likes to beat the market. Infamous for his correct calls on the housing bubble. That huge bet is clearly short term/mid term

I like both investors. The more I read into it the more I like passive investing. Of course there is more fun if you pick stocks and I will keep doing it. But my bulk will go to passive investing

About beating the market: depends on what you define as the market. Some really broad funds are per definition the market. Picking the lucky winners always beats the market but we all agree that it is not that easy. Picking winners for 1-3 years is one thing but having portfolio consistently over +8% per year is different story I dare say


I’m curious as to whether or not anybody is eyeing up Fastly at this price point? The CFO left without reason which is definitely concerning, but their year on year financials look solid on initial look. Admittedly I haven’t done a deep dive on that yet. Anybody have any thoughts?


This company has a strong Balance sheet with very low level of debt.
Debt-to-Equity Ratio 0.73; Current Ratio 4.11; Quick Ratio 4.11
P/S LFY 3.2. TTM 2.91
Analysts rating even at the lowest Band is still higher than the current price of $8.76
High Prediction $25.00 Average Prediction $14.25 Low Prediction $9.00
But majority are recommending selling

For people who could stomach the volatility, the risk vs rewards might be significantly in favour of the reward. Just hoping they do not do stupid thing such as offering shares about the current price which will be diluting the shareholder’s value.
The main problem here is that the current bear market is highly unfavourable for unprofitable high growth company like FSLY. The whales, the Institutional Investors keep selling their shares causing the share price to keep dropping.
This is just one of many Examples

This is the statistics of institutional investors activities

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There are individual stocks that are attractively priced, says legendary investor Leon Cooperman CNBC Television Sep 20, 2022.
Just notice he mentions criteria he will be using in buying on the dip start from Minutes 1:46…

  • Pay dividend while holding a security
  • The companies that have the capacity and willingness to buy back cheap stock
  • Not just looking for cheap. But those who act and buy back stock under valued
  • Quality and reliable Management
  • Generally Avoiding Bonds