Different residence and nationality


I have nationality (passport) of one of central asian countries however for last two years I am living in Kuwait. so when I was registering for investment account it asks for passport which doesnt make sense as I am paying taxes and residence in Kuwait. Will it somehow affect activation of my account? can provide my Kuwaiti id and adres too though.

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It is probably best for @Team212 to provide reply.

Nonetheless, as a fellow user/customer I think that as long as you are not a citizen of the USA then it does not matter what nationality you have, the main thing is where you are a resident of as that is where you pay taxes.

Let’s wait for a response from the team though :smiley:.


@nikaragua Greetings. Upon activation, we will always ask for an ID document of your citizenship (nationality) and not your residence. Your residence will be verified after your Proof of Address document is provided.

Due to regulatory requirements, we are only allowed to accept Passports as a means of ID verification for some countries, so in case this is what you see in the system this is the only option we have in order to proceed.

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