Displaying a difference of the free fund between Web-App und iOS-App


since iOS-App version 5.78.0 and 5.79.0 the free fund is showing differently between the Web-App and the iOS-App in dependence of reserved funds for orders (in my case 60 €).

Here the Web-App:

Bild 15.02.22 um 22.12

And here the iOS-App:


Can you please make, that the iOS-App shows again the same (so after deduction of the reserved money) as the Web-App?

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On that same topic, since a couple of weeks the Android App shows the free funds including funds held within pies; which is rather impractical when investing said free funds.

Would it be possible to revert that “feature” back?

(Or at least break down account free funds / funds held in pie)


Escalated this last week. No sign since then. Mobile app seems to show all cash in pies in the free funds.

I’m very annoyed by this as well, money in pies is there for a reason.

Who asked for this ‘feature’. Or is it a bug?

It’s a bug. The web client shows the free funds and cash in pies separated.

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We are working on fixing the app as we speak. It should be ready by the end of the week with the next app version.


A fix for the matter has been distributed with version 5.81.0 of the app which is already available in the stores. :v:


Thanks. Noticed it before the weekend! :+1:t2: