Dividend payment delay

Hi community, I’m interested to know if there’s any delay when it comes to getting dividends available on my funds. For example I have 4 companies paying dividend today (September 1st) all of them from the US market, so far I haven’t received any payment on my account.

Have a great day or evening in advance.

Yes. There will always be delay. You need to check ex dividend date and payment date on the company website and then add few more days for T212 to transfer it over to you. For instance I have Waste Management dividend coming on 4th September, however, pay out date is 18th. Therefore, most likely I won’t have any dividend on my account before 21-22nd September…

Generally takes 2-3 working days after payment date.

Thank you for your response, the ex date was last month, and the pay date is scheduled for today so I’ll check by the end of the week, hopefully I’ll get it by then.

Cheers ya’ll.