Dividend showing “-“ for dividend paying companies?


Hope you can help me with this. I hold a few stocks that I thought paid a dividend (3M, Alphabet, Airbus, etc) but the yield shows up as “-“ on the Trading212 app. Does this mean you won’t receive dividend by investing in theses companies through Trading212, or is it just a information display issue?

Alphabet don’t pay a dividend.

Airbus has cancelled their dividend…

There are occasions were I have noticed dividend info is missing with companies that have a dividend but that is rare, the majority are deffo cases where there is no dividend.

Thanks for clarifying, and do you know why Vanguard funds for instance don’t show dividend either? Is that because it’s hard to determine based on their current holdings?

Vanguard funds do not have consistent dividend amounts. Look on the Vanguard website to see historic distributions.

It would be nice if Alphabet would pay a dividend :smiley:

it would be nice if the others (FB, amazon, netflix etc) did too :stuck_out_tongue:

except they are are too busy “losing” money through “growth via investing in themselves” to profit so we can get paid LOL