Dividend Tracker

It would be great to have better features within the app and web interface for visualising dividend income and upcoming ex-dividend and payment dates.

I would like to see:

  • Charts to display total dividends received per month. Bonus if it can project future growth.
  • Charts to display total dividends received per stock. This could analyse the portfolio and provide a percentage breakdown, perhaps as a pie chart.
  • Calendar to show upcoming ex-dividend and payment dates for stocks in the portfolio.

FYI - To give a better idea of what I mean, I’ve made my own spreadsheet in google sheets for tracking and visualising this data. But it requires manually entering the individual payment data.


More dividend data is required on platform.

We need past & future ex div dates and amounts for each individual stocks and ETF’s.


I also have a similar spreadsheet on Google sheets with my individual stocks also.

Could I pick your brains and ask how do I keep the titles on both the stocks column A and the columns going across cell row 1 whilst browsing through the spreadsheet?

Hope that makes sense :joy:

I haven’t figured it out as yet?


@Scouse1981 I think you are referring to the freeze rows / columns setting? If so you can get to it from View > Freeze in the menu.

Thanks mate, appreciate ur help

This is exactly the feature I am looking for, so I can track what is coming and plan. Thanks for the excel link.

Can you guys try digrin.com and tell me what these sheets have additional to my site (e.g. dividend calendar)? I’d like to implement all features that are useful for DGI investors. e.g. this dividend calendar calculates dividends based on shares, constantly searches for announced dividends and also is forecasting future dividends, based on history including raises.

Finki API would help with this.
Callable dividend data via simple url
Is at stock level but can be for all stocks, all markets at once if you’re a pro dev and can handle the massive raw JSON output

Or if you’re cheeky you could hack it out of my monthly summary dividend tables with some web scraping!!! I don’t hide it… it’s in raw html so easily extractable!!


Yes this feature would be greatly needed to the dashboard.

It would be great to see at least any announced ex-dividend dates in the stock info section, and also an ex-div flag when a share is trading ex-dividend

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Lots of dividend tracking tools at


or dividend tables here …

You could also try divitrack.io. You can import T212 data.


Yep. Since FinKi (temporarily?) killed off the dividend API function I can unbiasly recommend @cjh 's divitrack.io


I tried to use divitrack.io with my export file and it didnt accept the document. The upload option had some issue with the Date format and I tried a few ways to amend the .CSV date column to no avail so gave up on the platform.

There was an error processing your CSV file: There was an error with your CSV format. Please make sure you have the latest Trading 212 export and try again. (parsing time “17/09/2020 17:18” as “2006-01-02 15:04:05”: cannot parse “9/2020 17:18” as “2006”)

Not seen that error from anything I’ve ever done

@cjh can help you out

What should the date format be @cjh ? Looks to me like it should be DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS

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I think the format of the 212 export has changed a couple of times since it was first introduced. That or if the OP opened the file prior to uploading(perhaps to slice/dice data), then their spreadsheet app may have also changed the format to its own on import.

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I thought this also, as I use the CSV in another spreadsheet so I downloaded a fresh copy from T212, I also tried only exporting certain fields and it didn’t work.

Hey @Scott It looks like your time format was 17/09/2020 17:18. DiviTrack expects a format like this: 2006-01-02 15:04:05 so this is why the error is happening. I have just tested the export from T212 and I’m still getting them in this format: 2006-01-02 15:04:05 so it sounds like T212 are giving different formats for different people for some reason.

I have made a fix so DiviTrack can pick up your time format so feel free to try it again. Maybe T212 have different formats for different regions. Unfortunately, this is difficult to test as T212 don’t have any documentation for this yet!

Hi @cjh thanks for the quick follow up and action. I will export a new copy of my ISA .csv and try upload it soon when I have 5 mins and report back to you.


Hi @cjh just to confirm your fix worked. My CSV uploaded successfully. I dont seem to be able to reconcile some of the figures however such as portfolio growth but im guessing this isn’t a LIVE calculation and that updates each EOD ?

Appreciate the quick support. And thanks @Finki for the nudge :+1: