Dividends taking too long - ✅ Solved

Hi there, I know people with other brokers receiving dividends many days before we do on 212. Often I’ll only receive a dividend after emailing 212 and asking.

Why is this? Surely it isn’t a difficult task to perform.

It is making me seriously doubt 212 as a broker going forward

(Still waiting on Daimler AG from Friday)

This was discussed yesterday if you were not aware of it.
I think this is just due to the go between Interactive Brokers, which T212 use it gets through to them, then relayed to T212 whereby they then need to verify etc.

T212 have stated that all dividends get paid (I can vouch for this), it may take 1 week though.

Rest assured the dividends are coming - just sit tight.

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I wasn’t aware, no. I’m on numerous forums though and 212 do seem to lag behind more established brokers.

I always do seem to get the dividend eventually but it’s often only after emailing into 212 asking why after other brokers have received theirs do they get paid to us. It feels like 212 are reacting to emails sent in asking rather than having a robust system in place to distribute the dividends.

I’m willing to give it a few more dividend dates but no more. With Robin Hood landing in the UK soon and the reputational damage this causes I’d suggest 212 urgently review how they are distributed / have some communication with clients about when they can expect to receive the dividend

@mhaynes Emailing or calling Trading 212 won’t fasten the payout process, it doesn’t really change a thing.

As reiterated multiple times, we’re dependant on Interactive Brokers, arguably the most established broker in the world. When they get delayed, we get delayed, can’t really do much about that, unfortunately. :frowning_face:

I don’t really see the problem a couple of days makes?

Most brokers take 1-2 working days. I’ve typically found it to be 3-4 working days with T212.

Is this more that you are not trusting of the T212 platform and therefore you are skeptical the money wont arrive?

Since I began investing I’ve now received over 30 dividend payments to the value of £210 without needing to contact anyone.

All I see on US forums is people bashing RobinHood for lousy execution and app crashes so I wouldn’t get too excited.


This is NOT a couple of days, Mirlo. This is a week (7 days) in my case and 15 days in the case of someone I know waiting on Scottish Mortgage Investment. 6 times ‘a couple of days’

It absolutely is a trust issue given 212 is a new platform and I have significant amounts invested in it

I am confused, you mention reputable brokerages, then in same context mention Robin Hood? Do you consider Robin Hood a reputable company, let alone reputable brokerage? Interesting. :thinking:

I could see how in short minded view dividend delay can cause anxiety, but if you look at big picture, you are investing in dividend company for long term and drip, few days/week in 20 years span might give you a better sleep at night feeling, just try to look at it on positive side.

I am sure T212 and IB will work things out in long run.

I haven’t heard of these issues with Robin Hood.

Also, referring to “reputable brokerages” and mentioning reputational damage given Robin Hood’s arrival UK imminently doesn’t necessarily mean I’m calling Robin Hood a “a reputable broker” or not. The two statements are not related.

I can’t speak for specific dividend payments other than point to the response from David which says they are dependent on Interactive Brokers. Obviously trust has to be something earned over time, hopefully these are isolated instances with a clear reason behind them.

I found the below post a good start to providing some reassurance.

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By my count this is only the 3rd working day since the Daimler pay date. Not sure what’s happening with SMT.

T212 as a platform certainly isn’t “new” their service with Invest and ISA accounts are what are new. 15 years of operations is hardly a new start-up in the making :wink:

Dividend payments have their complications that we will have to live with for the moment, but as the global situation improves so should these minor hiccups.

Daimler AG dividend has been distributed to the eligible accounts. @mhaynes

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I have just received it. Thank you

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