Does trading212 have an API?


oes Trading212 have an API? If so how do I get access? I have a UK account.

Any help much appreciated.



I think it’s on their todo list. The only way to do something right now is to have browser emulation. They do allow this, apis will be down the road once they have completed some of their major updates.

In the meantime, what is it you would like to achieve?

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I don’t know what browser emulation is, but I would like to be able to do trades using a Python programme or something. I would be interested in an API.

This is an example of browser emulation Trading212 Position Parsing & SimplySafeDividends Program

Made this a couple of months back. I used Selenium with C#.

Cool, thanks. It’s probably a bit more stable to use an API.

Liked to add interest in this.

Hope this is on the roadmap.

Hopefully Plaid could be implemented?

I am not familiar with APIs, but I believe @Finki has one, I do not know if it is relevant.
Just in case, I have tagged him. If it is relevant, I am sure he will be happy to explain the Finki API :smiley:.

I think the question here is murky

What does the original poster actually want? To trade programmatically? To get stock data only programmatically? Both?

If they are unable to code and/or unable to emulate through a browser then you have to question their techy skills ( that’s fine. We each have our skills) . But therefore this notion of an API ‘would be easier’ is weird and makes no sense. You either understand and are able to code or you’re not (right at this moment. Of course you can always learn)

APIs are a simple Question:Answer query. If you can get you’re head around this then they are amazing.

If you don’t understand Get vs Post, for example, then I don’t understand how waiting for an official T212 API is better! If you can’t post credentials I don’t think this is for you.

I intentionally make my ‘API’ incredibly simply as a starting point for those new to this. No skills needed. I suspect T212 won’t (for legitimate reasons) be able to simplify to this degree when real money is at stake. Mine is information only. There’s most likely is not.

That said T212 already has lots of data APIs — you just need to know how to find them. If you know where to look you can get stock data and even your own transactions data if you create a session token :smirk: