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Russian Aluminium Producer


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Looks like this has been changed to a dollar denominated depository receipt. Is it still possible to add?

As per the title please can you add this stock? It’s on the LSE


Can this be added please?

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@David can this stock be added please?

@David @Tony.V @George @Y.M @Team212

Can you please add this stock?

You answering other but not this one.

@MihailM @Joey_Fantana @admins

Please can this be added?

I believe that we already have access to the LSE listing on the Invest account (not in ISAs).

Yeah I’m using an ISA, so probably why I can’t see it. Damn!

I thought only Chinese stocks are not eligible on an ISA, is this one a ADR then?

There’s loads more than just Chinese stocks not eligible to be held in an ISA. The details are on the HMRC site.

High level it’s based on where the primary listing of the stock is based.

ENPL is a GDR - the non US version of an ADR, essentially both are used to list a security on a secondary exchange to help increase liquidity.

The underlying for this stock or primary listing is Russia, so no not eligible.

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