EU banning PFOF

Hello all. I have seen on twitter that the EU is going to ban PFOF. Any idea if / how that will affect us UK users on 212?

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It’s been banned in the UK for ages.


It won’t affect UK users and UK brokers. It will affect users of some EU brokers in countries like Germany, where the regulators still allow PFOF.

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Hey, @matth1984 :wave: it’s been a while since we’ve seen you around the block.

Further to what @Donaldo mentioned, PFOF is not a part of our practices, so this scenario will have no impact on our users, whatsoever.

Happy Community Anniversary, by the way. We hope to see more of you, this time around. :v:


It was banned in :uk: back in 2012.

Happy cake day @matth1984

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Ah, no problems. Thank you for the update. As I am sure you can tell I am a bit clueless with all of this :slight_smile:


Unless you’re referring to certain German markets where PFOF effectively still exists.

Any broker routing to the L-S exchange or Gettex, for example, will be facilitiating PFOF.

German rules are a European anomaly that the EU Regulatory has started to investigate.

That’s why you see a lot of (unnamed!!!) German based brokers routing to these smaller exchanges. Because it’s cheaper for them as a business.