Exchanging trading ideas

I know some will feel uneasy about sharing thoughts about specific instruments, but for those who do not, why not starting sharing our ideas?

If anyone thinks an instrument is potentially good for long or short positions at a specific time, in particular for short term traders, I’m sure many will find some benefit.

Remember, we, the small fish in the pond, are not competing.

Of course the usual disclaimer that it is not a recommendation blah blah blah applies!

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I bought APDN and had a bad day today. Hopefully once offering is over will climb back up.

I was watching APDN all day after seeing @LavLondon cheerleading it on ST.

Talking of pumps I was watching PTE down to 1.15. probably will regret not jumping in.

Whats ST? The pump will only come after offering now and to be honest it did well holding onto $9 after an offering was put forward.

it has a target price of $18 - 20, so may be good long term. It gapped at open but then started going down with no sign of reversal.


Oh yes. Im on that too. Whats your thoughts do you reckon it will come back up.

I look at ST every now and then, especially before ER. In my opinion not very useful to predict the market, alway full of BOOM :grinning:

Only on the back of some news I think.

Yeh true. Im hoping after the offering ends.

I’m holding on to FDX and MU, in normal market conditions they should do better, but the market is crap nowadays.

These are the four I’ve been playing, currently out of all.

LAC and FCEL too high to get back in.

QS and RMO probably need to pullback more.

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This has also caught my eye and slightly annoyed I didn’t pick up near 0.4 and watching it keep going up.

I bought LAC at about £4 last year, but got impatient and sold just over!
FCEL is good for day trading but can play up unexpectedly (tried 3 weeks ago and lost)

I know @chantal is heavy on FCEL if I can draw her into this thread.

I’ve been following LAC since $7 dollars.

Should have just been patient. :see_no_evil:

edit: shit I had 3k in there in November.

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My screeners filter are set to >$5, I woory about the cheap stocks.

I love penny stocks tbh.

Combined with my Gold addition after GGP I’m heavy in KEFI. Currently ~1.9p and have it pegged at 4p within 3 mths after it gets de-risked this month. :crossed_fingers:

Only problem is T212 or should I say Bloomberg data feed is unbelievably crap with AIM. I’m sure everyone has seen my grumble thread now on KOD.

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Yes. I got in a year ago. Currently over 500% in profit. Would I buy heavily into FCEL now? Probably only when you are planning to hold for some years.

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21 hrs later from the BIOL post above…

So my big spend today was accumulating 250,000 KEFI shares, and :palms_up_together: that 1.8