Extended Trading Hours (pre and after hours)

Hi - I just wanted to know if trading 212 intends on introducing extended trading (pre and after) into their ISA platform. I was recently made aware of this ability on other platforms giving users an edge to get into trades before markets open. I noticed some stocks having big spikes during afterhours which only appear for t212 users at 2:30PM GMT when markets open - I had made the mistake of placing a market order last weekend, after t212 crashed it placed my order at the peak of the spike, which I would of otherwise seen coming if I had access to the extended trading time feature!

Does anyone know more about this or could give any tips / advice that would help me, would be greatly appreciated.


I would very much welcome extended market hours (pre and after)

You can prevent your case from happening by doing two things:

  • check current price on webull, yahoo finance etc (any website showing current quotes)

  • place limit orders (almost exclusively)


I appreciate your advice and will do this in the future, thank you very much!

and yes I hope they add this feature aswell.

Will we ever get extended hours trading?

@David @George bump, any news