Failed Deposit - But you took the money?


I put money into my account using Truelayer but the T212 app said it failed. The money has came off my bank though. Please can you help me get the money into my T212 account that I am missing?

Lloyds Banking Group is experiencing downtime resulting in a delay when depositing funds. As soon as there are updates, I’ll let you know.


I’ll reach you via DM, @Gavin212. Keep an eye on your inbox, please.

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Hi Bogi, Ive managed to speak to support, the issue has been raised.

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Hey Wotta, did your missing funds arrive? I’m still waiting…

I have the same problem do I need to do anything to resolve this problem.

I don’t think anything will happen over the ‘bank holiday’ weekend as its a banking issue. But the funds should hopefully arrive on Tuesday at a guess.

As usual the team were very fast to respond when the issue was raised, so I’m trying not to be all negative about my funds going walkies… :thinking:

I would definitely log it with support or message ‘Bogi’ further up this thread.

same here, still nothing yet.

Just a quick update, we’re currently working on processing the delayed payments. I’ll keep you posted.

Hey, just tried it with a pound and that came in, so its just the delayed money thats outstanding.

Got my money back. Thanks :slight_smile:

did it come back to your bank or just update t212?
Ah, mine just dropped into T212, thanks, its good.

Same issue here. Still waiting.

I raised my issue on Friday and again two days ago. I believe it’s being looked at but I am not sure as I have not received any email (I was told I would).

Hey, everyone.

All delayed deposits have been allocated.

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