FCA Cryptocurrency Ban

Will the ticker $BTCE available on ISA accounts be removed?

The Buy button will be removed. You’ll still be able to hold and sell at your discretion. So load up if you want more for future.

Isn’t this a redundant move by the FCA given that bitcoin will be/is available on PayPal?

You can still buy the coins.

The FCA are full of idiots, there’s clearly a lot of secret deals being done to try and shut down crypto.

The FCA being have basically just closed off CFD crypto and buying ETPs that track the underlying coins.

Frustratingly in 2021 there should be loads of new crypto ETPs coming but UK won’t be able to play.

Saw this the other day

I think they would have targeted the actual asset if they could have got away without looking completely backward.

I can’t believe they have an actual “Cryptoasset Taskforce”. This to me is the greater risk to holding the coin than its volatility.