Feature/Fixes Tracker/Progress

Would it be good to add a list/tracker that shows what new features you’re working on, what fixes/changes you’ve already made, and what features/fixes you intend to adress in the future?

The tracker would give us something to look forward to, and it would stop people from leaving for features that T212 is lacking. If only they knew that you’re working to implement those features, people wouldn’t bounce so quickly.

For example, I’d love to know if you’re working on implementing pre-market and after-hours to the Invest/ISA accounts. (I’ve seen your reply to someone’s inquiry, but it would be amazing to have all of these in one place, rather than having to scan all threads for these important pieces of information.

It could literally be like:
25 changes made in the last 24hrs:

And also…

Sorrry, busting out Paint :laughing:

I don’t know. Something that allows us to feel that “Okay T212 isn’t just sipping tea all day, look they’re actually working to implement these things.” You know?

If this request is ridiculous, please ignore. :smile:

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They have already said he won’t give away a future list of what they have planned.

However lots could be taken from mentions in the forum.

Adding all instruments from each exchange.
Adding more exchanges.

What I would like is a status tracker though.

And what’s on the to fix list.

Like we had a significant issue this week where the bid was showing as the ask. Would have been good to see it was noted.

Still waiting for that vwap fix…