Few Issues with the platform

Just this morning I placed a Buy Order at Market Price for DLAR (De la Rue) at 8:11:59.
The price was 120p / share and it stayed like this until 18:17 (or something weird happened cause the price was frozen, my Buy order was frozen, nothing happen for 5 mins).
At 8:17 my Buy Order was executed at 125p / share and the chart and price was updated, but with a 5 minute lag :slight_smile:

A small issue like that made me buy GE with 7.40$ instead of 7.25$ last week and I got stuck in that deal and I’m still waiting to get out…

Also I noticed that the spread has increased or is much bigger for ministocks / penny stocks like Aston Martin or De la Rue it’s often 5 pence / cents and I don’t think that’s nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope everyone will have a good day, thank you for reading.

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DLAR is currently showing spread of 7p, 5%, on the Hargreaves Lansdown platform. So I think this may not be an issue particular to Trading 212

Ok fair enough, it’s just that with stocks that cost under 1 pound, to have 5p or more spread is a bit to much (like you said it’s more than 5% of the stock price).

Spread on DLAR is now down to 0.40p. Sometimes spread is much greater when market opens and then narrows once things have settled down.

You can see records of trades on the LSE site. Here

I would personally advise using limit orders to get fixed price…

Yup it’s down on T212 also, currently 0.33p spread on DLAR.

However the main problem is when the platform is frozen and one can buy shares at a price that never planned to do it. And funny thing if you Buy or Sell at Market Price and the platform is frozen, it will never work in your favor :slight_smile:
Yes we can all use Limit Orders but often the price goes down so fast it’s much faster to press Buy ok, ok , 1 second can make a big difference :slight_smile:

Personally, I do not get involved in transactions whose outcome can depend on what haopens over a few seconds. Terry Smith has said that when he decides to buy a company for Fundsmith, eg Nike and Starbucks recently, he does not pay much attention to the price on the day, or to the USDGBP exchange rate.

Of course he doesn’t. It’s the same principle with somebody that works hard every month and gets 1000£ wages. He knows the price for milk, for eggs, for bread and everything and he pays attention at that price… But someone that earns maybe 5k £ / month or more has no idea how much it cost to buy eggs and milk :slight_smile:

But as a gold rule, it’s always best to invest in solid companies that you believe in long term and avoid speculation. However I have limited funds in my ISA all invested long term and via CFD / Invest I try to do some trading and get some extra cash … that I can move to ISA long term investments where I never sell and I dont look at the price every second, or even days :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for your contribution and replies

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Good morning,
Sorry to be a pest, my intention is only to provide feed back and hopefully improve the experience on the platform for all traders and investors.

AML droped from 70p to 59p this morning and I went fast to Buy, selected 1000 shares, Ok, go
after 3 minutes the Buy order was not fulfilled :slight_smile:
after 5 minutes the Buy order was not fulfilled :slight_smile:
eventually shares were bought , but 5% more expensive than my bid :frowning:

On Tui I had no problems this morning, for that one it was insta Buy and when i sold it was also almost instant. Thank you!

I’m still trying to learn these limit orders.

What if the stock price never reaches your limit? Just keeps going up?

Different market conditions different limit strategy. :slight_smile:

Stocks usually come down to realistic valuations at some point. Ofc if fair price is 100$, setting limit 50$ doesnt make sense. But if normal conditions you maybe put 95$, at some point there might be volatility to bring it down to 95$ just to bounce back and continue growth…

You can see drawbacks even at likes of Apple, Amzn, Msft etc…

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Hey Vedran,

So so I will put my first limit order to the test today. I was looking at Raytheon and suddenly remembered that you are a Raytheon investor, or maybe you showed interest in them on another comment somewhere. So I’m back for some advice.

I’d like to buy a Raytheon share. It’s currently at $73. The last “dip” it had was at $63.

Would you aim for somewhere around the previous dip when you’re creating a limit order? Or maybe somewhere between the last dip and the current price?

Today I was checking some beaten-up stocks from LSE and I found a few that display wrong charts, so decided to post here, maybe Trading212 staff can correct/ adjust the chart to reality.

First example: HYVE
Looking at the chart, immediately I said, wow this is a Strong Buy
But after checking technical data on other websites i realized it’s Underperform / Hold
Trading212 chart shows a drop from £9 to £1: https://prnt.sc/svajlm
Real chart shows that actually HYVE is up by a lot from the Febr-march high:

Another example:
Galliford Try - https://prnt.sc/svb7rx
Real chart:

Just to confirm that before buying a stock , one needs to do a lot more research than looking at a chart on a broker or a fintech app.

Have a nice Sunday folks !

Hyve had a rights issue so there was a 10/1 consolidation. The share price has not gone up.