Forbes - feds balance sheet thoughts?

Hey guys, so I’ve been here since March/Apr, reading and learning while starting on my investing journey, (Yes I’m a new millennial investor, have at it, however almost 30 and an old soul). There’s a lot of good content on here with a good community/mods so I can see myself sticking around long term, i defiantly will be in terms of investing, ive still got a lot to learn and really do you ever stop learning in this field? probably not, anyway intro out the way…

So I came across this article (see the link below) and I think I get the general outline of it but was wondering what you guys think about it?

Also If your not allowed to post links like this then sorry in advance

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Links are fine, they can be quite interesting to read :slight_smile:.

I agree that central banks are driving the current share price increase, I just don’t know how or when it will go down, if it will. I do think it will go down, but many people don’t think so.

Hard one to guess. I’m new as I said but there’s more often than not from what I gather of the dead cat bounce, and it does make sense that if the banks are still in a bear market you just can’t have a bull market or at least have one for long, as much as I would like to think there isn’t gonna be another drop. Anyone got a crystal ball to predict when the second drop happens? Or some spare pennies to lend me to buy big when it happens? :eyes::joy: