Fraction share request

Fractional shares for $SEER please.

They are a proteomics company which is even more complex than genomics, and more important potentially. Ark Invest mentioned this sector recently.

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A kind reminder for @Team212

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Pls can $bomn be made fractional @David :relaxed:

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Kind reminder for @Team212

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I hope @Team212 will have a chance to take a look at it

If summarize:

  • AGGG
  • HMWD
  • HMEM
  • PHPM
  • WTAI
  • KAP
  • LEU
  • XONE
  • NVR
  • BOMN
  • SEER

Thank you a lot!

XONE is already fractional as of today

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Dear @Team212 @David.

Few components missing from dream pie. It will be great if you’ll be able to make them fractional

Thank you!

Another day another try. @Team212 could you please make these shares available as a fraction?

Just a kind reminder for @Team212

Dear @Team212 @David could you maybe provide a schedule of update or something similar?

Because I’m waiting for it for more than 3 months.

Thank you in advance!

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