Fractional Share Request - September, 2022

Hi Team,

Can you please look into making the following stocks fractional:

  • Knowlton - KDC (NYSE)
  • Battery Future Acquisition Corp - BFAC (NYSE)
  • FutureTech II Acquisition - FTII (NASDAQ)


@Hris.M @Bogi.H @B.E @David @Martin @PeterA @Team212 @Y.M

Hey, @rigox212.

Knowlton (KDC) - the IPO has been withdrawn :x:
Battery Future Acquisition Corp (BFAC) - done :heavy_check_mark:
FutureTech II Acquisition (FTII) - done :heavy_check_mark:


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Hi @Bogi.H - thanks so much for looking into my request.

It appears that FutureTech II Acquisition was not actually made fractional. Can you please take another look at this one?

Also, can I add the following stock to the request:

  • Substrate Artificial Intelligence - SAI (BOLSA DE MADRID)

Thanks again.

Sorry about that, @rigox212 - both * Substrate Artificial Intelligence & FutureTech II Acquisition will appear as fractional in the next few minutes :heavy_check_mark:

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No problem at all, and thank you to you both @B.E and @Bogi.H for getting this sorted.

Keep up the great work!

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