Fractional shares for Adobe

May we have fractional shares for Adobe please? So far as I can tell, Adobe, Comcast, Intel and Berkshire Hathaway are the only companies amongst the largest 40 of the S&P 500 for which I cannot buy fractional shares. Is there any particular reason fractional shares are not offered in these stocks? Or indeed for at least all the 100 largest cap stocks of the S&P 500?

Internal demand probably, some were requested and others weren’t, but the staff can only get so much done at a time and the request list keeps growing :slight_smile:


I’d like to request fractional shares for Marriot International and Amgen please.

Thank you

I see these fractional shares have now been added. Thank you.

@Phil Amgen is available in fractional shares now. Marriott International will be too after the next batch of fractional shares.

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Much appreciated as always :grin: @David