Free Badges Question

I’m fairly new to T212 and as I progressed on this site I periodically got awarded a free badge for different things.
I was wondering what is the maximum number of badges a person can get, then I thought if and when they reach that goal it would be nice to get a free share, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one but a nice incentive for the member.
It is nice that you can get a free share but it only applies if you refer someone, so what about another method of earning a free share, just an idea?



I think the badges are just generic discourse achievements for learning how to use a forum, built into their software that T212 use for the community forum. Might be wrong, but pretty sure I’m right.

The maximum number of badges seems unlikely with the new member of the month badge, making it impossible for most. But you never know :shushing_face:

Yes it was just a thought, when I saw how many there were and what you had to do to get them it is very unlikely I would ever qualify, but perhaps someone has another idea of earning a free share.


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