Free referal scheme

Hi team

Could you please let me know how do we know who use the referral code under our name ?
I have received a few referral free shares but I am unable to know who used it ?

Also I would like to know how many referral I have left before not getting any more free shares ? Since I am not in your referral scheme YouTube creator, I cannot be part of the free referral forever… you see the point here.

Thank you for helping

@Martin @Team212 @Tony.V

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Also where the code was used if possible? From pie or from link, and maybe more if possible?

Not sure about the data protection rules surrounding these though

I think it’s not a good idea, there are youtubers or people sharing the link in other social media platforms and they’ll know you name or email. If you sign up trough a friend it’s fine, otherwise not everyone would be willing to share their names.

Myself I just want to know how many left I can refer because I don’t see the point of referring people I interact with if after a certain number I don’t get anything anymore.

Hey there :wave: ,

It is currently not on our to-do list to make the referral’s personal information visible.

That being said, regarding your second question - feel free to reach our customer care team, and we’ll let you know about the number of referrals left in your account.

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Thank you ! I have just requested