French Stock ETP + VW

I don’t know but personnaly, I am more invested on Danone than on L’Oreal :grin:

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Translation in English:
It will be necessary to monitor with great attention the support on which the price is resting (green line)… Then the second major support lower (red line).

We can try to buy on support with an ETP 3x Long 3LSE
or play the breakout of the support with an ETP 3x Short 3SSE

Safran in a support area
The Safran share price is in a support zone.
Difficult to anticipate, it will be necessary to see over time whether it is the buyers or the sellers who take the lead

Explanation available in English on the bottom :wink:

GraniteShares have now an Airbus 3x Long ETP
and an Airbus -3x Short ETP

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The LVMH share price is right on its support zone . We must therefore watch for a breakout of the support which could lead to a further decline, or a rebound on the support which would allow the share price to resume its all-time high.

Obviously, we had to bet on a rebound :slight_smile: