Fundamental Analysis

Hi T212,

I do most of my company analysis on YH.Fin which is great to have. It was really good to see so much Fundamental Data provided on your App. It was for this reason I went with T212 but I was very disappointed to see the Desktop has zero Data that is of any use (for me) as desktop is my interface for trading. There is no way I can spend the amount of time I invest in trading/analysis on a mobile phone.

Firstly I ask you provide the same data on the desktop to complete the T212 already very good platform.

Second, can you tell me the source of your fundamental data and how often it is updated. My concern is reliability, although I know other sources YH.Fin can also have its problems from time to time.

To end I just wanted to say I have been on a few brokerages in my time and I think your platform offers a wide range of services and of course excellent VFM!!

Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face: :+1

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Can’t answer your information reliability question. But the rest of what you are asking for should be coming by the end of April in the “Pie update”. There is a UI overhaul coming.

Stutone, very good questions and topic. I was wondering exactly the same things, I also use Trading212 mainly on Desktop. So +1 , waiting for T212 reply , thank you

Thanks for the Thread…it all sounds like some very exciting developments are on the way. That said…The Pie is a bit late arriving. Is there a tutorial available.
Cheers :+1:

There is a preview here: Would you like a pie??

By the end of April was the official word from the team on the forum. So they are not late yet :wink: