FX conversion fee

It will average out. If your cost had been 3.4 then the fx fee would round down to 0. No need to worry about such small amounts.

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As long as I know it is only a rounding UI issue it is fine by me. However even at such small amounts if it were a real issue it would be important (for example I DCA every week and have a lot of positions so a real error would add up quickly).

The FX fees are not part of the Total return shown in History. The Total return is calculated in History as such: Total value of Sell orders – Total value of the Buy orders.

Instead, the FX fees are deducted separately from the Free funds of the account, similar to the Stamp Duty and the other Equity Charges.

In other words, when submitting an order (Buy or Sell) where the FX fee is applied, the amounts shown for Shares Value and the FX fee will be deducted separately from the free funds of your account. Both of them will aggregate to the Total amount taken from the free funds, as shown on the Review order tab.

If you want to see the FX fee for a certain trade, you can do that through the Settings menu ->History → Orders and then select the order you are interested in.
Also, note that you can download a CSV file from the History tab directly to your device which will help you to calculate the whole amount of FX fees that have been applied.

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The FX fee calculated for an individual order is rounded to the nearest penny before being deducted. If the amount is >0.005, it will be rounded up to 0.01. Conversely, if it is <0.005, no fee will be applied to the order.

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Thanks. That clears it up.

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