GPF Physical Platinum, what happened to this?

GPF Physical Platinum
ISIN: XS2265369731
Currency: GBX
Ticker: TPTS
Exchange: London Stock Exchange

This stock last traded on 23 March 2022, is this instrument delisted (or) halted trading (or) suspended?

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GPF Metals plc is indeed suspended. You can find out more here. Currently, we do not have additional information on whether the suspension will be lifted or the shares will be delisted. Nonetheless, we’ll let you know if there are any updates.

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If I remember correctly, GPF is related to a Russian miner, that created an ETC issuer to be able to “sell” its minerals.

In its page, GPF changed its name to Elementum Metals and is restructuring, including tokenization.

Maybe the Russian invasion and western sanctions are responsible for this restructuring.


Thank you very much for providing the info.