Grammar mistake on dutch T212 home page

The sentence “en laat de rijkdom gaan groeien.” sounds weird to me but that might just be me :man_shrugging:

Does it say “let the wealth grow” the UK version is “start growing wealth”

@chantal speaks dutch too I think, any thoughts?

translating it word for word it would be “and let the wealth go grow”, I think they should leave out ‘gaan’ (go) and then it sounds normal again.

I’m just seeing German as I know a bit and it says “and grow your wealth”

und steigere das Vermögen.

Literal translation of

und = and
steigere = increase
vermögen = capital

Could also say

und steigern Sie Ihren Wohlstand.

Anyway it makes sense

I’m not fluent in German but most DE fintechs use wachsen

wachsen would equally make sense to me.

I would use it like seeing a flower grow

eine Blume wachsen sehen

Something like

und Wohlstand wachsen.

and prosperity grow.

Anyway the German is fine :sweat_smile: :+1:

Was just interested to see how different countries use different phrases

I think we have a couple regular Dutch speakers on the forums like @chantal (How do you say “Growing my wealth €0,01 at the time.” in Dutch :sweat_smile:)

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“en laat het vermogen groeien” sounds better to me.

ping @Theo

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“Laat mijn vermogen groeien met iedere €0,01.” or something like that.

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