graph does not match win or loss in numbers

Hi everyone

I am fairly new here and already have a question.
In my portfolio, the share price as shown on the chart does not match the numbers underneath. Example. Bought Zoom for 66.80, it is now 68.50 but the numbers show a loss of 0.3%. It does that for a few other investments as well.
Is there anything I can change in my setup or is this a Trading 212 problem? This did not happen for a while but is now constant and frankly quite irritating. Of course I can calculate myself but that is hardly the point in having the platform.
Can anyone help?
Thanks Kurt

Welcome to the Community :tada:

If your account is in GBP, and you trade US stock like Zoom, the currency exchange rate will impact your result. A rising domestic currency will result in a lower return from your foreign investment.

Regardless, you’re always welcome to DM me if something is unclear.

OK there are several things within your question. Firstly I assume you mean ZOOM listed on Nasdaq? If so it is in USD and thus you have fx charges so you may have purchased at 66.80 but you will have incurred an fx charge on the purchase. Also the fx rate varies so on the portfolio listing there is an “i” button next to “Return” and clicking it will show the effect of the fx rate variation on your investment.

The price displayed (ie the 68.50) may be the buy price rather than the sell price so it may not indicate your actual return.

So does fx address your question or is there still an issue with the numbers even after you’ve taken into account the fx charge and rate?