Graph won't open - ✅ Solved

1m graph wont open for Argos Resources (ARG) - keeps saying data couldnt load. Other graphs opening fine.

Can someone look into this…?

Hello @akorn77,

Due to the extremely low market cap and volume of the stock - quotes are being seldom received. You can view and use all the timeframes, but the 1m chart.

@PeterA US is opening soon and there is no graph data for ticker: RIGL. Will data show up at open? As there are a significant number of BUY’s on the stock.

Yes - full functionality will be available once the relevant market opens. :v:

@PeterA thanks but there is a problem with the graph. The point of the graph is showing $4.32 but the buy price is $4.79. Could you check please?

Just become unstuck and showing normally again. Not sure why it did that.

The stock was halted for trading for 5 minutes due to volatility - so no quotation in that time-frame.