Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

Any particular reason why the price for GGP has been stuck since 14:55?

Been lots and lots of buy this morning - any idea why the chart hasn’t updated on here yet?

(I prefer is saying 22.76 anyway :see_no_evil: as it’s currently 22.46)

Thank you

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Yes, the chart is not showing any changes on trading212 this morning. It does on LSE.

Any news on chart updates @George @David

Echo this, as the Freetrade GGP 1D chart never gets stuck when T212s does…

I have a market buy that is pending too on T212, whereas prior buys went through instantly.

I’ve escalated it on live chat. The problem isn’t resolved yet and they are going to email me back.

Not much more can be done yet.

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Something just happened, almost 200 orders just went through in seconds.

So looks like it wasn’t T212

My order went filled at 14:25 too, after pending for hours, interesting :face_with_monocle:

You have a link to that page?

Sure it’s ADVFN, you’ll need to register to view.

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“I am writing to you in regards to our discussion about Greatland Gold Plc. Please bear in mind that the trades from today are off-book on LSE and the chart isn’t is not updated so frequently as it is affected by the liquidity of the instrument”

This is my reply above.

Thing is it’s been a liquidity stock since the beginning so my query is why does it update some days (when I can see buy/sell orders) and some days not (when I can see buy/sell orders?

Today was it a “blockage” somewhere else? Strange. GGP acting all crazy.

Wonder what the hell happened at 14.25 (or actually what was happening before to be pending for so long :face_with_monocle:)

Simples the American arrived at work with their Starbucks and hit the switch from standby to active for the stock.
Or computer said no but no one available to switch it off and on again lol

Ignore that reply from them. It’s a standard dismiss the issue reply blaming liquidity.

It was an issue at the exchange.

It’s one of the biggest things T212 need to improve is it’s customer support. Such a battle to report something without getting them replying like you are 5yr.

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It’s frustrating and the main thing worrying me is when the time comes to sell at 50p (:crossed_fingers:t2::rofl:) and I wanna do it INSTANTLY…t212 will have me hanging around for hours and by then the price has plummeted and I’m left feeling super mad as I’ve

1• cancelled my pending transaction


2• taken my eye off the ball at work and my sell price wasn’t what I’d wanted

Deffo gives me anxiety (it’s not GGP that’s giving me worries it’s the speed of the trade)

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Thank you :slight_smile: I know I’m still a rooky in this business but I can tell when something isn’t right and today the guy on live chat had no idea. I said it wasn’t low liquidity and that there’s been buy/sells and he agreed then said can I email you when I find the issue - so I got that :woman_facepalming:t2: Blaming liquidity.

I’m happy using t212 for my long hold vanguard well known stocks but it’s making me concerned with AIM stock.

Still feeling stung from the 63 minute hold a few weeks back, they don’t give you much confidence going forward…

T212 are trying to improve the stuck pending atm :eyes:

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@David @George

I think it’s important you could please read the above and help with a few concerns.

Today I was on live chat for 30 minutes and the chap couldn’t answer my question on GGP so he emailed me back the generic “liquidity” email.

Are you improving the buy orders - why are people waiting hours on pending? If this is such a long wait to buy then what’s the wait to sell?

This needs (and I’m predicting the future here and ironing out the creases in advance) to be looked at as if I want to sell at ??p but the order takes hours (which is has in the past) I miss the opportunity I’ve been waiting all these months for the price plummets and I missed the sell.

Could you tell us what is being done to avoid these instances?

I’m concerned with my GGP shares being with t212 at present.

Would love some feedback to disperse those worries. Thanks

I genuinely don’t think I should be this concerned about selling a stock - yet I am! (When the time comes)


That’s why I hold GGP in both T212 and Freetrade. When I hear T212’s answers regarding low volume, I buy more on Freetrade. Messaged them on Twitter and chat, still same outcome and standard reply.

Simple, if you don’t want my money then it goes elsewhere. Don’t have time to read IG is at fault, bla bla bla.

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There seems to be a major delay in receiving new quotes by their provider.

Like if I go on GGP now I can see it’s stuck on yesterday still.

The ask and bid have changed over the last hour and half this morning.

Currently it’s 23.

Got the same issue with KEFI this morning where just the bid seems to be updating and the ask stuck on 2.2 when it’s currently 2.39

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