Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

Expecting a bounce of the 200 on the weekly, @phildawson ? Would be good if it does. Next support after that is 15p, and then 12.5ish.

200 weekly would be like 9p :joy: I don’t think that fits this as the gold hasn’t magically disappeared. The project has been derisked so it’s wary to take into account prior SP on such a long term. The project hasn’t changed to warrant that kind of sell off. I’m genuinely amazed they managed to take it below 20p tbh.


Silly me, I did mean the 50sma. Haven’t used my 212 charts in a while, forgive me.

I would never rule out the psychology of it though. Looks like it’s having a massive say here.

No worries :sweat_smile:

Looking at the stochastic and RSI the 40 looks like a load the boat point.

:thinking: New Tax year might send it :point_up:

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It’s been a great week to not overly look at the charts. Nothing has changed I just wonder are people wanting their money made quicker in other fields (crypto perhaps :unamused:) so taking it out of a really decent company. Doesn’t make sense to me but each to their own. Or something else is happening somewhere down the line. I don’t understand it but I do know I’m here for the long.

Nearly 50% down in 3 months (not me, the charts)

My average after averaging up is now just below 22p no more funds to deploy so happy to hold and wait.

Let the games commence as I quietly and confidently sit on and watch from the side lines.

Yeah it’s been a rather sour start for “normal” stocks in 2021. On top of that Gold falling hasn’t helped.

GGP at near 40p was getting ahead of itself. The ~18p seems harsh to pullback to, I imagine a lot of bag holders who would have expected a pullback to 24p and continue up.

April should be a turning point imo, so I’m not worried and I’m certainly not going to sell anytime soon. GGP is a solid business, the gold in the ground hasn’t gone.

Yeah I can imagine a lot of old money are starting to realise there’s money to be made in crypto.

I’ve had a great time with crypto, we’ve just hit starting point of the next run. Still plenty of time in current bull cycle.

If we see KEFI give us 4p next week or so then I might put a bit more in to crypto tbh.

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Oh you’ve been in crypto. Sounds so interesting. I wouldn’t know where to start!!

Is that on another platform? Sorry that’s a nosey question. Just interested.

It does seem harsh - I wonder if there’s something else at play. It doesn’t seem a reflective SP considering the strength of the company, Havieron and having NCM involved too.

I agree 37/40p was an exceptional time and in hindsight (oh how I love hindsight) I could have happily sold and made a tidy profit and bought back in! Never mind. There’s nothing changed to leave my current SP feeling unsteady.

Yeah it would be nice to start to take some profits from KEFI. I’ve enjoyed topping up on all the dips though. 4p would be great to see. Another one I’m happy with for the long term though but nearly a year in I feel I owe myself some profits as I’ve been mainly building and reinvesting.

Hoping for an abundant April and if not let’s hope for a merry May!!! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Coinbase is a very good platform I find. They make it very simple.Deposit cash via card/bank transfer and buy. Done!

I’m not a huge fan of crypto myself and can’t justify buying Bitcoin, but Ethereum I do hold.

I’d sooner stick with miners of real gold than back physical gold, or back Bitcoin (digital gold, or so they say.)

The only issue with Coinbase/Coinbase Pro is huge lack of altcoins or late in adding them, and it’s fees.

I use Binance. Has every pair under the sun, and maker/taker fees are the lowest. It has a Lite mode, but if you are used to T212 then I would forget that. Anyone can PM me if they want a referral or to talk crypto, I won’t take up the GGP thread or bore anyone here.

It should look fairly similar. We need T212 to add that Order book and trades tabs!

The key thing I’ve found is to have fingers in many pies and don’t over expose yourself to one form of investing.

I’m still hot for gold and have faith in GGP pulling it out the bag I think 2022 is where it will be super interesting.

I only have a 23p but it’s still painful seeing it red. :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:


I actually don’t find the fees too bad. Again, I’m not a crypto person though so I’m a bit ignorent to how good it could be on other platforms.

I used Binance a little bit a few years ago. I logged on this weekend and saw my dust I had in Ethereum was not worth 20 euro, which was lovely. But by god is the interface impossible to use. I could barely navigate the site!

Anyway, I’ll keep the crypto talk out of a GGP thread!! That is all - happy trading!

I have been adding a little more each day this last week or so. Cost average currently at 20.02p.
Like others have said the gold is in the ground and the drop is not due to negative news just external fear or impatience.

I plan to continue drip feeding as this is a long term play.


That was a rough few weeks. Refreshing to see the rise today! Nearly 19%. Lovely stuff!

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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