Hardware Upgrade - Help!

It is time to upgrade my hardware. Exploring a laptop rather than a desktop; I will add screens a required. What laptop configuration would you recommend f (CPU / Graphics / Memory) or T212 to work consistently.

Anyone using a Miinipc for trading? what configuration?

Does T212 work on Apple Mac, if yes, is there a minimum configuration?

@Bogi.H any recommended hardware configuration?

Not a simple question. I would imagine that even a fairly modest laptop would be sufficient for trading. Trading itself doesn’t require much processing power, memory…

The issue for me would be screen resolution. You can get 4k laptops now and some with i9 processors (I have no idea how they manage to cool 4k graphics and an i9) so it basically depends on how much you want to spend.

Personally I like desktop computers and for work I like multiple monitors so my system has 3x 32" monitors. I don’t know if a laptop can drive multiple monitors and particularly at 4k or uhd (but T212 is capable of supporting multiple monitors). For trading I do like having a lot of info on the screen and thus the screen size and resolution is (for me) important. I can then have decent charts, etc.

In general you’ll find that most websites and software will be designed to work on reasonable “old” computers and thus if you are buying a decent new system it isn’t going to be an issue. It will largely come down to your budget and what you like and your other requirements (other programs are likely to be more demanding on spec and resources)

Thanks @WakeMeUp .

How do you connect multiple monitors, do you have 3 display ports on your desktop system or are you using a splitter?

I’ve got a 4080 Super graphics card and the monitors are directly connected with DP

original reply should have said that “T212 ISN’T capable of supporting multiple monitors”

What do you intend on doing? Day trading is very different to long term investing.

What software do you use at the moment?

Personally, my laptop recently decided it really liked pink bars, so it’s on its way out.

I try and use numbers / google sheets and iCloud as much as possible. That way I could go windows or Mac. I’m undecided which one at present.

I suspect your more of a day trader so a windows setup with multiple monitors for Bloomberg / EIKon?

Ok, I cant use that for a laptop unless I go for a Framework 16 or a Schenker.

I was wondering what you meant there originally :smiley:
I think it is more of an operating system or hardware thing than the T212

Yah! wouldn’t worry much about the hardware for long term investing.

I am on Windows 10 Pro at the moment, any new device most likely will come with Windows 11. Never been on Windows 11 so don’t know if things work the same was.

Use multiple other supporting tools myself so I too can go either ways. Out of curiosity I have tried running the set up on a Pi, and the basic single monito setup does work like a charm. But setting it up, recovering it and keeping it running takes too much of my time. It also occupies too much of table space and has zero portability with so many added devices connected to it for space and speed. Another setup for multiple monitors could be an overkill. So it will remain my failover

There is a tech limitation in terms of how many monitors a PC (desktop or laptop) can drive and at what resolution or refresh rate but that aside the limitation with T212 only using one monitor is purely a T212 issue. There is no app so use of T212 is via browsers and T212 specifically limits use to a single session/browser tab which is a T212 decision and means you can’t have multiple browser tabs/windows open displaying T212 and thus have one showing a watchlist another charts… and you can’t have an Edge window open with T212 and a Chrome window with T212 for the same reason. This is purely a T212 decision.

Thanks for clarifying, I now understand what you mean. You cannot have two ‘active’ tabs with T212. But you can still see Watchlists and charts in more than one ways while logged into T212. I am sure you may have tried it. If you are on the charts and you click on the side button


you get your watchlist displayed in the left panel next to the charts on the same display (monitor screen). Does it not work for you? Are you looking for something different?