Has anyone worked out T212 CFD spread calculations?

@Hectares please keep using CFD trading as it allows the rest of us to do normal trading for free.

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lol :smile: , i’m sure other users are leaving to better providers so you’ll soon feel that pinch of T212

Here is an example of insane spread. FuelCell Energy (FCEL):

Schermafbeelding 2020-10-15 om 19.06.34

Same share on TradingView:
Schermafbeelding 2020-10-15 om 19.08.00

CFD spread is just way too big.


The spreads have been a real shock; I’ve been like $50-60 down from the get-go. Thankfully, so far, I’ve only been paper-trading CFDs to learn.

And I’ve also noticed the green, dotted line on the chart that signifies the buy-line, tends to land right on a resistance line, too - it’s uncanny. So the price action not only has to make ground to cover the spread but also break-through resistance. Probably an unlucky coincidence; can’t swear it’s happened every time, but certainly enough to notice and come on here.

Although I’m in profit on paper, it’s scary enough to make me think twice about switching to real money.

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They guy was saying small caps the spread is larger - but normal stocks i think should be ok for you
so keep on CFDing @chantal @Hectares

I will be tracking my “spread fees” starting next week. hahaha. I am extremely picky with the instruments I trade - looking at range in particular. No range. No trade What Ive noticed is small cap spread is 200-300points, large is 20-50points hahaha Criminal! Also, most of the time, even if the stock drops, the Buy line initially goes the opposition direction (lol) instead of following the move. I have screenshots of these and many more as I created my own CFD survival kit. Will review to warn the uninitiated. Sticking on CFD for now as this is the only way for me to get comfortable with shorting.

Hertz volume for the last 5 mins: 20.

Spread is 25 cent.

Some penney stock Hudson Capital volume for the last 5 mins: 12

Spread is … well I can’t even see it. It’s quite small.

So if Hertz is being traded more, why is the spread awful compared to Hudson (whoever they are?)

@pipo Compared to Hudson, Hertz’s spread was larger relative to its price.

Hudson had a spread of about 1-2% of the price.
Hertz, 5-6%.

This gets a bit amplified with a % markup.