Haven’t had any payments HELP

Hi guys I’m fairly new to trading so if you can help it would be much appreciated I have shares in two airlines, American Airlines and united airlines I have had shares in them before the ex date for the dividends and had the pay date also. But no email or confirmation about this in the slightest or any information if some
can please lend a hand would appreciate it very much!

Are you sure it hasn’t been cancelled or suspended? Because I think AAL has suspended theirs.

Tbh I wouldn’t know I haven’t been updated in the slightest from buying these stocks

You wouldn’t get notified, you need to create something to keep a track of this yourself. Plenty of guides online. Most people have a spreadsheet

American Airlines (AAL) has suspended its dividend, as have all or nearly all airlines. The last one it paid was in February. United Airlines (UAL) does not pay a dividend at all, as far as I can see.

Where did you get the information to make you think you’d purchased before the ex date and had upcoming payments? I’m sure we can suggest some good resources.

Generally I would advise either to start paying attention or to switch to ETF investing.

Some sources for dividend and company information.

Take a look at Dividend Cut (@dividendcut): https://twitter.com/dividendcut?s=09

Genetically all who took aid from government had to suspend dividends…

Thanks will take that on board much appreciated, I’ll s tree art paying more attention

Looks like dividend max was forecasting when they thought the dividend would be. It hadn’t actually been announced, though it’s not particularly clear nor helpful.

Seeking Alpha is good for getting information and seeing dividend announcements. Company websites will also normally have dividend information in their investor relations section.

Thanks a lot that’s helped a bunch I appreciate it very much my friend.